Secure payment

We offer secure payment

Zapaline not store any form of data reported by the customer. The transmitted data are subject to program PCI / DSS VISA and MASTERCARD Security.

Communication with the virtual POS environment is always done under a secure connection SSL. The virtual POS Banc Sabadell implements the introduction of compulsory CVV2 card ( set of three numbers on the back of the card) , as has been demonstrated as an effective method against fraud. Among others also adopts 3DSECURE system incorporating VERIFIED by VISA and MASTERCARD SECURECODE protocols.


The cards accepted are the same as those allowed in physical stores with POS , namely Visa, MasterCard and Maestro . Choose your payment method on the page " Payment information " during checkout. Forms of payment accepted by Zapaline are:

• Payment by credit card VISA, MASTERCARD, Maestro...
• Payment by Paypal

Buying Process

The operation occurs as follows :

1. Buyer agrees in Zapaline website and choose the products or services they wish to purchase.
2. Once the buyer has filled out the form with the data required for the delivery of the order , Zapaline will show you an option for paying by card.
3. When the buyer selects this option, the link to the Virtual POS Banc Sabadell established. To make the payment , the customer will need to enter your card number , expiry date and CVV2 Security Code (number three position located at the back of the card).
4. If the card has an authentication system provided by your bank , a window will open in the browser of the buyer to identify with your financial institution issuing the card.
5. Once the transaction has processed the Virtual POS report the result , both the buyer and to Zapaline.




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